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Of his tribe of cosmic integrator planets who slice through multiple planes of the solar system and multiple dimensions of your consciousness , none is as potent a healer of human brokenness as Chiron. As this wise and ancient centaur crosses the Aries Point — the single most dynamic degree in all the sky — your recognition of what is broken, and the deep and magical medicine that flows through as you acknowledge your need for healing, is about to begin anew.

This New Moon sky that ushers Chiron into Aries is covered with the fingerprints of the centaurs. Look again, see anew, and begin. For the next ten months, the Centaur will be going back and forth between the last degrees of Pisces and the first degrees of Aries. To talk to the wild Universe. To let your untamed truth be born again as your life. To lLet your life begin anew, wild and whole. We Can Help! We are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension, and provide you with the tools and techniques to assist you Home Into The Light.

We have just began these and they are incredible. Highly recommend for any families struggling together in these times of intense changes. Schedule Your Session Below by following the Link!

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This is our Destiny as The Old illusion of power over and dysfunction dissolve. Allow us to be of service to You. Thank you for showing your support and keeping our website and Love Energies moving forward! Thanks for supporting your family of light in their time of need to fulfill mission. We are Eternally Grateful! Spiritually awoken in late I connected with Mother soon after. I became a spiritual counselor, holistic practitioner, spiritual investigator, writer, lead editor, video blogger, webmaster and Co-Creator of New Earth along my years in our spiritual journey.

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This subject has been largely demonstrated in various epochs and on various plane t s. What happens when the two conjunct marks a critical point in the development of world affairs with massive interest in the inspection of the situation at hand. In other words events of global interest happen, like oil shortage or new discoveries as defined by experts.

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Whatever situation is involved, the graph will show a critical angle when this angular conjunction happens. Not many if any astrological programs will show this, but loading the objects into astrolog program with -XF switch will give some idea. The simscans show the other trojan moon of planet Earth, Cruithne.

Hundreds of megabytes of trojan material survived last site cleanup. Sit back and click on "3 moons meet" after a couple of minutes. As AA29 often shows mass movement, the picture is of a horde of orcs marching by a subterranean river, like in Moria. In real life if available this means a large upheaval, enhanced checkup of air harbors, religious convergence, the swelling of the 12 cricial points on planet Earth, even critical rising of the tides.

The name seems to allude to a watermonster Hydra is a water snake or shumerian Tiamat, Sextans is one of the Tiamat's demons or ministers , but Orcus in Sextans is you guessed it a rather sober position, after all. An important space shuttle reaches it's orbit. Immigration laws are revised. Governmental works are favored. The position is rather valuable in finantial astrology or at least professional astrology as it spells large sums of money Aw makes for enormous success in real estate.

Orca in Sextans is about posessive love, orkish way, that is not very elegant or too noble, indeed. Orcus is often invoked in Italy, the saying is "Orco dio", an exclamation of surprise. With Venus in Sextans Hydra and centaur Okyrhoe and aided by the Moon, when prominent, this inert position can become one of the unwilling Casanova.

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Girls adore the fellow but does he know it? Mountain climbing, fishing and holding hands like good children keep together. Let us not forget that yacht business comes under the auspice of Sextans. Sextans is zodiacal as well as ascendental, thus one can have Venus in Sextans on the ascendant, as well as Orcus in Sextans rising. Knew that?

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Check the example of "Capricorn ascending" where one can clearly see it's Pisces rising on the eastern horizon. Such was the poor state of "reliable" popular websites, "astrological literature" and reliable "pro" astrological programs. And that's only one example of the trade.

I told her to forget "astrology" and concentrate on her skies as they were, not astrological fancy and misconception. Ever had an orgasm with Venus in Hydra? Have it in ! Many an article has been written about Hydra Kids. Orcus with Venus in Hydra ascending is surely a sight.

Orcus is in hydra awaiting Venus there. Then it moves into Sextans. Venus is not so often in Hydra, but it is releatively frequently in Sextans. Hydra is Tiamat and Sextans is her demon and minister.

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Hydra on the ascendant is already too much occult to handle. Orcus is located in Hydra's head. If that does not ring a bell, you are not thelemitic at all, thanks God. Antichrist is here. Venus in Hydra is good for travel, advance, ascension, night flight, personal cultivation, kundalini rising, the snake and the apple note the snake is EA or ENKI. What are the portents of Venus in Hydra? Undines will reincarnate. Underwater colonies will prosper.

Whatever the attributions Ishtar may be one the purpose of the service is to investigate into shumerian skies BC for cases of Venus in Hydra by IAU standards. Shumerian astronomers titans of course knew about Venus approaching the 3 demons of Tiamat nowdays Sextans, Crater, Corvus. Venus spans a wide range of constellations, from standard Ophiucus, to already mentioned Orion, Sextans, Hydra and of course Cetus, the Leviathan. If you are not a powerful woman, it is hardly desirable to have a child with venus in Hydra.

Such babies are to be inclined towards the occult, the beyond, even the dark side. The natus may receive occult help from important initiates. Kundalini is critically high in this nativities! A fixed star in Hydra is used in the manual search for close e. More sophisticate search would be easier, but is unavailable at the present time. Occurences of a "close encounter" of Venus with IAU Hydra are quite frequent towards the range of 3 degrees or even 2 , thus shumerian astronomers had various opportunity to study the position.

It certainly abounded with symbolism and possibly sinister meaning. Note that Venus in Hydra happens when most gurus estimate a sort of climax in planetary initiation. One recent channeling published on the site claims May th as entry into a new phase 5th attention , while was and is about clearing thus pain and 4th dimension. My sources have the city of Montona in Istria, Europe as the navel of the planet. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is quoted as authority in this point. This simulations are better done in such powerful integrators such as Solex by Aldo Vitagliano.

It seems Venus reenters Sextans in our highly experimental example. What an occurence! Mail ananta spunge. Ophiucus is a large enough constellation for all the planets to settle in. The Sun also dwells in Ophiucus, of course.